Features of the best flight simulator joysticks

The rate at which technology is improving is alarmingly amazing. Just the other day joysticks for flight simulators were very simple items. They had nothing more than left, right, back and forward. At the time this was just enough to handle the kind of software for flight simulation that was available. The software was also simple and pretty straightforward- nothing so spicy about it if you compare with today’s standards.

Now you can fly that Boeing and feel the power as the powers into the sky. In short, flight simulators have become tremendously advanced and their controls provide an amazing sensory experience. If you want to enjoy your time flying those planes, get a powerful joystick and you will note the difference. And don’t forget to own a good gaming chair that good for your health

So what is the best flight sim stick for x plane and battlefield on Xbox 360 in the market today?

It goes without saying that joysticks have become a little bit complex over time. They are completely different from the original ones. Finding an exceedingly accessorized flight simulator joystick is very easy nowadays. These are the kinds that bring with them a multitude of buttons for configuration plus impressive displays. The design of the flight simulator sticks has changed dramatically and looks more like something you would only find in a spaceship from a distant galaxy.

When you go shopping, the best joystick for you must have the following features:

1. Customizable buttons

Factory settings are too basic for most people. You always want something that suits you particular needs. A good number of the joysticks that you will find have several buttons that you can customize to make your gaming more enjoyable and personalized. Anything you want to do, the programmable buttons on a joystick will make it easy for you to do.

2. Hands on Throttle and Stick

Commonly abbreviated as HOTAS, the hands on throttle and stick feature is simply for you to feel the power. Here you have either a throttle lever that is attached to the flight stick or as an individual unit linked to it. You can imagine the power involved when powering up a Boeing 747- with this feature you will get similar advantage that comes with using a powerful throttle.

3. Force feedback

For a more realistic experience whilst playing, force feedback comes in really handy. A stick without the force feedback will not do anything more to your senses than just the visual and perhaps sounds. Flying a plane requires an abundance of force to keep it well positioned in the air this is all thanks to the various forces acting on the plane. A joystick with this feature might be more expensive than the basic options but then it is worth every penny.

4. Good display

Who does not love LCD displays? An LCD display is one of the many offerings of joysticks nowadays. On this screen, all the game information is presented to you in real time. It is noteworthy that not all the joysticks in the market have this feature. This feature simply adds onto the experience making it more realistic- like flying a real plane.

Buy online

There are just so many places where you can buy a joystick however if you want the best, try using the internet. Online shopping has become the in-thing over the past few years. Things tend to be a little bit cheaper when you buy online and it is very convenient because the device will delivered right at your doorstep.


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